Terms and Conditions

Thedomain name www.taajabazaar.com (herein after referred to as 'Website') is ownedby ADIGOS (hereinafter referred to as 'TaajaBazaar'),a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013.

Your use of the website, services, and tools is governed by the following termsand conditions including applicable policies incorporated herein by TaajaBazaar.If you transact on the Website, you shall be subject to the policies that areapplicable to the Website for such a transaction. By mere use of the Websiteyou shall be contracting with TaajaBazaar, and these terms and conditionsincluding the policies constitute your binding obligations to TaajaBazaar.

Please read the terms of offer for sale carefully before purchasing anyproducts or availing any services on the website. Any purchase made by youthrough the website of the products/ services shall signify your acceptance ofthe terms of offer for sale and your agreement to be legally bound by the same.

In addition to the foregoing, you shall also be bound by the terms of use ofthe website, terms of offer for sale issued by the vendor or additional termsof service which are displayed with the selection of the product, if any("additional terms") at the website. If there is any conflict betweenthe terms of offer for sale and the additional terms, the additional termsshall take precedence in relation to that sale.

If you do not agree with the terms of offer for sale, please do not access thewebsite for any purchase.

  • Business:-
  1. The Website is a platform that facilitates the online sale and purchase of branded merchandise and services ("Services") offered by TaajaBazaarS various affiliates/ registered merchants/ vendors/ service providers ("Vendor/s"). The Services are offered to the Users through various modes which shall include but not be limited to, sale of Vouchers that can be redeemed for various products and services, sale of products etc. The Vendors are the sellers of products and services on the Website and will be solely responsible to you for the products sold or for redemption of any Voucher purchased by you through the Website.
  2. You acknowledge that ADIGOS has the right to change or discontinue any Service at any time, without notice. You further acknowledge that ADIGOS may add or modify the procedures, modes, processes or conditions of purchase at any time to adapt to changes that ADIGOS may make to the Services. You agree that ADIGOS shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of any aspect of the Services.
  1. In furtherance of the Services provided and the eligibility criteria stated under the Terms of Uselocated at the homepage www.taajabazaar.com, you shall be eligible to purchase Vouchers of a specific monetary value.
  2. ADIGOS will facilitate the provision of the best, pre-negotiated deals for a particular product/service at a given price for a given place. Purchase of such Vouchers will be subject to the Terms of Offer for Sale and such other terms, if any, as specified by the Vendor.
  3. Each Voucher will have the necessary redemption instructions printed on it. The Vouchers may contain an offer period, or expiry date mentioned on it, you shall use it accordingly. Unless otherwise stated, You will not be entitled to receive any credit or cash-back for the value of the Voucher You don't redeem or use within the stipulated time period as mentioned in the Voucher, if any. You agree that the Voucher issued is specific to the product or service selected such as restaurants, spa, salon and wellness, footwear etc. and cannot be used for the purchase of any other product or service as offered by the Website and cannot be used for the purchase of any other product or service and cannot be combined with other special offers or promotions that may be made available on the Website.
  4. On making payment for the Voucher through any mode, including cash on delivery, you will be issued a Voucher which must be presented to the venue/ store of the Vendor, pursuant to which you can complete your purchase of the relevant product or avail of the relevant service from such Vendor. The displayed price stated on the Voucher shall be inclusive of applicable taxes unless mentioned otherwise.
  5. Vouchers once sold are non-refundable, whether you use it or not. Only one Voucher is allowed per transaction.
  6. You agree that neither ADIGOS nor the Vendors shall be liable in the event you lose, misplace or destroy Your Voucher at any time.
  1. ADIGOS, through the Website also makes available of variety of branded products and merchandise at an agreed price to you. Purchase of such products will be subject to the Terms of Offer for Sale and such other additional terms, if any, as specified by the Vendor.
  2. ADIGOS offers SHIPPING for all the products on the Website as per the company's policy, which may be changed by ADIGOS without any notice to you. Octroi charges, wherever applicable, is borne and paid by the ADIGOS and not to be borne by User.
  3. All the Products are governed by the terms of warranties provided by the respective manufacturer/ brands. However, in case any product is covered under seller warranty, it shall be specifically mentioned under the product details.
  4. The price of products offered on the Website is either equal to or lesser than the Maximum Retail Price ("MRP") i.e., the discounted rate prescribed for those products. The MRP and other statutory declarations shall be mentioned on the products and/or on its packaging in accordance with applicable laws.
  1. You should take all responsibility for your own actions in utilizing the services purchased by you and ADIGOS shall not be liable for any such action.
  2. You represents that you are of legal age to form a binding contract with ADIGOS and are not a person barred from receiving services under the laws as applicable in India.
  3. You confirm that ADIGOS shall not be responsible for any deficiency in payment of consideration payable towards the services purchased from the Website.
  4. ADIGOS does not offer any refunds against any services already purchased from the Website unless, any error has occurred during the purchase or redemption of such services which is directly attributable to ADIGOS.